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Mark Troyer | Photographer | Bio


I began making photographs shortly after I could walk, right about the same time I was able to hold a camera to my eye and figure out how to press the button. From that moment on I’ve been hooked. Since that time I’ve been a painter, a sculptor, a graphic designer and many other things, but through all the other changes my photography has remained a constant.

I prefer to make work with traditional photographic media, primarily in medium format using color negative film. I’m not so rigid on that that I won’t use anything else, and I’ve even been known to go digital when it meets the needs of the project I’m working on. I consider myself primarily an artist, I make photographs for the purposes of making art rather that as a commercial pursuit. This may not be lucrative, but gives me the freedom to craft images and projects in the way that I want to make them, free from any constraint save that of my own limitations.

I photograph color. I photograph subjects intended to make you think, to perhaps reconsider some aspect of your world view. Sometimes what I do could be called documentary, sometime it could be called provocative. I like to push buttons, metaphorically speaking.

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Photography with a minor in Art and Design from Grand Valley State University. I have a job for which I have no formal training, but no matter what I do during any part of my day I consider myself to be a photographer first and foremost. My job is what I do, photography is who I am.

Gallery Representation

The Nines Gallery
Holland, MI
Current show: Four by Four – Four Artists, Four Mediums, July 21 through the end of August, 2012
Art Effect Gallery
Detroit, MI
Show: Revelations, Love+Loss, June 2 through June 30, 2012